No. The shelf life of an Executable work

I. Selection of optimistic students. September
2. Familiarize yourself with scientific literature in literature in our country and abroad. Experimental planning, the selection of experimental animals. The collection of information about modern methods of verification. The study and research of methods of scientific research. October
3. Experimental security testing: experimental modeling of pneumonia, breeding and evaluation of cattle, the collection of data in the database. Preparation and publication of scientific works on included data. dekabr-
anvard>Circle of “Young surgeon”.
4. The continuation of experimental studies: the study of the macroscopic and microscopic structure of the package, participation in the preparation of drugs. January
5. Analyzing the actual questions of pulmonology. The study of the problems of nosocomial pneumonia, receipt of information about the world achievements. February
6. The study of methods of surgical treatment of advanced non-specific diseases, the analysis of the results of treatment in experimental conditions. Preparation and publication of scientific articles. March,April
7. Problems of modern surgery, the analysis of actual problems. The discussion of the achievements in modern surgery. Preparation and publication of scientific articles.
8. Discussion of the report of each student at the same time. Attracting new students to campus. Planning for next year. June